Crow Call

Early morning, Sunday, 17 degrees.
Out in the corn field the crows call
Arguing about the morning weather.

I have tea, and heat, and company.
Now if these damned coyotes
Would just stop wailing all night.


A handful of Hershey’s Kisses
and there’s a chocolate waterfall
in my mouth.

Zip open the foil, pop it in, bite.
Chocolate kisses, only two left.
Now there’s one.

I got a whole bag and a half left
and one of them bags was free.
Gotta love CVS.

Poetry is Code

The only way to get poetry to look normal
is to use the code editor in wordpress.
This leaves it as unformatted text
And you set the line and stanza breaks.

Yeah, this is an educational poem
given away for free, check legal page,
And yeah, I just hammered it out in code.