Plant Based Diet

I really have to get my weight under control. In the past few years I have experimented with trying to eat a plant based diet, but it was never anything which I stuck with. I made up my mind yesterday to ditch the meat, milk and eggs, and so far today I have eaten only plants. I feel pretty good and have dropped about a pound, but that could be water weight.

The human body can cope with various diets. For a while there I was eating animal based foods and my weight and my cholesterol shot up. I have decided to give the vegan diet a try now for enough time to see if I can make any progress on my weight loss goals. It’s hard for me because the doctors have me on psychiatric drugs which cause serious weight gain. I just have to be very careful with what I put in my body.

I think I have watched every video on YouTube about plant based eating. It is terrible what they put animals through in the modern world just so we can eat meat, milk and eggs. This morning I woke up and made a cup of tea. I blended up a habanero pepper in some water and drank it down. I had a small bowl of navy beans with barbecue sauce. Later in the morning I cooked up a big bowl of hulled barley with chopped onion. This afternoon I had a turnip smoothie and some potato chips. I will have a sweet potato and maybe some tofu for dinner tonight.

Aside from the chips and some ground flax seeds, I haven’t had much fat today. My belly is bulging right now with the accumulated adipose tissue that has been stored over the last few years. I was slightly active today, listening to videos and walking, hefting my medicine ball from hand to hand, but I didn’t lift any respectable weight. I need to limit my intake of Calories and get a handle on this weight problem, and changing my diet is the first step in getting into better shape.

I know I am not the only person in this world who needs to lose excess body fat. There are many people who are just morbidly obese. That fortunately is not my problem. I need to drop about 50 pounds and try to pack on some muscle. I have been clean from alcohol now for the past 11 days, though I had some cravings this morning. Alcohol is just about the worst drug in the world in my opinion. I think I can make it through the rest of the year without drinking that stuff, and hopefully stay clear of it in 2021.

Right now I am going to try and find a lecture on losing fat and getting into shape. For a long time I have been watching videos on bodybuilding, but that sport is so full of drugs it defies all logic. You only have to look at all the people who have dropped dead over the last few years, like Rich Piana, and see that this is not the lifestyle for better health. If I want to get into better shape I am going to have to clean up my life and my diet and do something about becoming more active. A plant based diet seems like a good way to start, and it is sure a lot cheaper than eating expensive cuts of meat. Take care people, and do what you can to stay healthy.