How to Lose Fat

I am overweight. Technically I am obese. I have had weight problems ever since the doctors put me on antipsychotic medications. The one time I managed to lose the weight on these drugs was when I was basically eating out of vending machines and limiting my calories to 1500 a day. At that time I managed to get my weight down from 245 to 175 pounds, but it took me about eight months.

The basic method of losing weight is to consume less food than your body needs in a day so that you start to metabolize the stores of fat you have built up over the years. To do this you will need to know how many calories you need on a given day. This is what is called the basal metabolic rate. There are online calculators, such as this one: , you can access to help estimate your needs based on age, weight, and activity level. I used one of these calculators a while ago and came up with about 2700 calories a day for my BMR. To lose a pound of fat a week, which has 3500 calories, I would need to limit my food to 2200 calories a day.

Of course it makes no sense to try to limit your calories if you don’t know how much you are eating. I don’t eat packaged or fast food, so I have to look up the foods I eat and estimate quantity. Perhaps a better approach would be to eliminate some of the foods that are high in fats and carbohydrates, like whole milk. Back when I was 245 pounds I got that fat by drinking a lot of soda pops every day. These days I drink too much alcohol, which is even worse than pop. Starting tomorrow I will be eliminating alcohol from my diet. It is a total waste of money and time, and it causes your body to store fat.

Starting tomorrow I will be keeping a food journal again. The act of writing down what you eat and the amount of calories in your food is something to make you more aware of what you are putting in your body every day. As part of the food journal I will be recording my body weight and the exercise I do every day. I really have to get my weight under control, and no doctor is going to fix my problem by prescribing something like Metformin that will affect my liver even more. The last time I asked a doctor about losing weight she wanted to refer me to a nutritionist, which seemed like passing the buck to me, but hey, they know it is their drugs which caused my weight gain and they are not going to admit responsibility.

It’s not complicated to get your weight under control, but it takes some effort. You can not do enough exercise to burn the excess calories that you can consume in any given day. Exercise makes you hungry as well, so this just adds to the problem. You need to do some exercise though to build some muscle mass. Sitting around all day eating and drinking is not going to get you anything but obese. Limit your food intake, make sure you get your vitamins, mostly from food, and have a decent amount of physical activity, even if it is only walking around your house. Keep a journal of what you eat. Eat healthy foods and limit fat. Don’t drink alcohol, pop, or juice. Get a hobby or a job to take your mind off of eating all the time, and take care of your body. When the weight finally starts to come off take steps to continue on your journey, and be careful to get enough protein to keep your muscles supplied with amino acids so they can grow. You don’t want to end up underweight, so when you reach your ideal body weight, up your food intake to maintain the new and improved you.

Skinny Bastard

Skinny Bastard is a book about how to lose weight and get into better shape by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin. It is also a lot of vegan propaganda about how bad meat dairy and eggs are for you and the animals. I actually read this book twice. The authors are fairly rude and crude, but this makes the book a quick read and carries their message in a memorable fashion.

For a while there this book caused me to adopt a vegan diet. I lost a bit of weight but couldn’t stick to this manner of eating. Yes, farm animals have a rough life, but it is the price they pay for having any life at all. A lot of people have a rough life. The fact is that people have been eating animal foods from before homo sapiens even existed, in other words, throughout all the history of human life. Hunting is what caused humanity to develop tool technology. Of course it meant the extinction of some species, but things are different now. For the most part we breed the animals we eat.

Skinny Bastard is the book for men these authors wrote after releasing their book for women, Skinny Bitch. I am not entirely sure what kind of men these women had in mind as their reader when they wrote this, but it was probably some drunk-ass college boy who lives on fast food and cheap beer. Seriously, most men I know are more intelligent than to succumb to some emotional, one-sided pitch for the animals and to be convinced that they should give up the foods that have made humanity strong. Overall I liked Skinny Bastard, but the message it conveys is lost on me. If you are looking for some easy reading vegan propaganda, give Skinny Bastard a read.