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I do not collect any personal information on this blog, but the system will use your email address to forward new posts if you subscribe. You are free to use this site without entering any personal information unless you comment, in which case I will see your user name and any other information you enter with your comment. Any information you enter while on this site will not be shared with any third party, although comments will be seen by other users of this blog.

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Disclosure and Disclaimer

At some point I hope to make money from this blog, thus in future there may be content posted that was paid for by either an advertiser or a sponsor. All such paid content shall be disclosed in any posts thus sponsored. At present there should be no advertising on this site, as I have paid to have it removed. Any future content containing advertising shall be made available at the discretion of and under the responsibility of the advertiser as to the truth and reliability of the advertised product or service.


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Effective from 12/24/2020 onward.