My New Phone

Junior On Guard at Midnight

That’s not such a bad little picture from a $40 Android phone. Had a deuce of a time setting it up and spent like an hour on the phone with customer service before the number came up. Everything works now and I have a good plan I can refill with cash, yay.

A Feast of Orion

I needed a good reason for a bonfire today so I broke out Fasti by Ovid and looked up today’s date, May, 11. Turns out is is a feast celebrating the life and deification of Orion the Hunter. Anyone who knows astronomy could tell you that Orion is a constellation visible usually in Fall. In the night sky he chases Lepus, The Hare, and hunts with a sling. He carries a jeweled sword at his belt and his toga is pinned with a beautiful ruby, Betelgeuse.

Science and mythology. The immediate reason for the fire is to get rid of fallen branches and trees. What I need is a case of beer, or a keg, and some advertising for drunken stoners to come over and party with me. Maybe I will just get a 15 pack of Natty Ice and do all the tree work myself. Looks like I gotta go on turd patrol again in the yard, the boy left me a few presents.

It would be nice if I had some friends to come over for a barbecue. Maybe Janell has tomorrow off but man, Dad is already on the warpath to get the yard work done or he’s going to move to an old folks home. As long as he has somebody to take care of him, I will be fine.

It’s time to try to make some money from this blog. Amazon started off selling books. I have a shit ton of books I could sell. I am done giving books away to libraries and to people poaching knowledge off me on craigslist. Time to redesign this blog a bit.