Dog Sleep Music

Junior is sleeping on my bed now, listening to some dog sleep music on YouTube. I have been disturbing his rest since about two this morning when I woke up. My sleep pattern has been disturbed today. When am I going to learn that there are better things in life than partying?

My sister is supposed to stop by this afternoon to meet Junior. She seems to think she is an expert on animals, but her own dogs are unruly and a bit wild. I have had the dog for just over a week now and he seems to be settling in. He had a couple accidents yesterday, but it was nothing to clean up. I have to get to the dump either today or tomorrow as the trash is piling up around here. I have to get to Kroger sometime soon as well.

I have a cup of tea steeping in the kitchen. The house is very quiet. We are supposed to get some snow next week, but from the reports I saw they are not expecting a lot. We will see when it comes. So far this winter hasn’t been so bad.

Anyway, I have this new age dog sleep music going in my room now and a tired puppy who is having dog dreams. My girlfriend called me on the phone yesterday and we got connected again on Google Hangouts. Her old account got hacked she says so we haven’t traded photos in over a month now. I sent her a pic of Junior sleeping on my bed yesterday morning. Last year she was after me to get a cat or a dog. I guess she knows how alone I feel, an old man with one friend and a father in his twilight years.

I think I will explore the reader here for a while and try to find something interesting and informative to read. I watched the news earlier. New president, more executive orders, new senate, COVID-19, it’s the same old story. It would be nice if I could learn how to train dogs, but Junior is learning as he seems to be very smart. It’s a big change to my life to have a dog child, but it is also something positive. Hopefully things work out with my Sister today and she doesn’t freak out because I have an animal to take care of now.

Puppy Problems

Junior is still very much a puppy. He slept 12 hours last night. I took him outside to the tree to do his business and stood out in the cold for 15 minutes while he pulled at the leash and refused to go. He got the idea that there was something under the picnic table and tried to drag me under it with him. I brought him inside and gave him his half dose of Trazodone, then he snuck into the front room and crapped on the rug. Little rascal was constipated for some reason or he just wanted to go in the house. He got a stern “no” and his face held down on the spot after I cleaned up his shit. Then he pulled some trash out of my garbage in my room. I went to the store to get groceries and when I got home he had dragged one of my motorcycle boots out into the middle of my room.

He wasn’t bad at all when I took him on the back porch. He sat at my feet while I had a smoke. So, he got some chicken treats for being good. He gave Dad a kiss on the hand while Dad sat watching TV and eating his raisin bread toast. He is in my room now listening to country music and lying in the winter sun coming through the window. I don’t know what this dog has been through before I got him in his two short years, but he gets scared easy. The first time I went to pet him at the shelter he shied away from my hand like he had been hit as a rule. That’s no way to train a dog.

Dogs, especially puppies, are a lot of work. With being at home most of the time, I have time to do this work. I also need some home security that doesn’t involve a gun, as there was a home invasion three doors over a week ago. A dog is good home security. He’s also very comforting to have in my room. For many years I have been feeling like I don’t have a friend. Now I have a crazy puppy to try to teach. It’s better than being alone.

Making Progress

Junior is starting to learn how to walk on a leash. He got half way around the yard a while ago without pulling. Of course he had to catch the scent of a chipmunk in the old pool filter box on the back porch and went a little OCD on the thing trying to rip up the box. I had to pull him off the thing with the lead. While he was cooling off in my room I took the old pool filter down to the road to give away for free.

The lazy dog is chilling on my bed now, snoozing. He sleeps a lot for such an energetic animal. That may be his meds kicking his ass. He sat with me at lunch good and got a nice treat after I finished. I seem to be making some progress with this dog. He seems to be a good boy for the most part, but man, he has a mind of his own.

I have to go out for a while this afternoon and do some business for my Dad, so he will be alone in my room for an hour or so while I am out. He had his walk though, so he should be OK without any accidents. I removed most of the things he could get into trouble with in my room, and he hasn’t been destructive of anything so far. It has been a week since I brought him home and he seems to be learning the ropes and the house rules. I think he is a good addition to our family and I think he will fit in once he gets used to the sights and sounds of his new environment.

Snowy Morning

I got some good sleep last night with my dog. He’s still curled up on the bed snoozing. We got about an inch of snow last night, and it is cold again today, but hey, it’s winter. I have no real plans for the day, aside from taking care of things around the house, doing some laundry, and cooking.

I have the country music station going now, WYCD, and I am thinking about getting some morning stretches in or some kind of exercise. I think I will spend some time today writing some posts on my blog here and doing some reading. I also want to have some quality time in Skyrim, chopping wood and hanging out in Riverwood.

I had a sober day yesterday and got through it without resorting to drinking. Junior was fairly well-behaved, though he had a couple of psycho moments. He’s not twitching as much as he was, so he’s getting used to his lowered dose of Trazodone. Hopefully I can get him off that shit without having to buy more. I suppose it helped him cope with the shelter, but what he really needs is an alpha to guide and teach him how to behave, and I have to be the alpha.

My Sister was not happy when I told her I got a dog. She thinks I am some kind of a monster. A lot of people don’t understand mental illness, and for a nurse she is sure deluded about a lot of things. Dad is all for the dog, and it is better security than his idea of getting a gun. I can only imagine him in the middle of the night trying to stand down an intruder with a .22 in his T-shirt. A dog is automatic security. You don’t need to pull the trigger on a dog. Although, this sleepy dog this morning is no threat to anyone.

For some reason I feel calm this morning. I got some good sleep last night and had interesting dreams. Junior seems to be getting adjusted to his new home. His license should come in the mail today or tomorrow. His crate should come some time this week as well. I think I did pretty well with my stimulus payment this time. A dog is doing more to calm me down than a $300 bottle of CBD oil I got last time with the $1200. I think I made a good investment and got a friend who will help me out and stick by me through thick and thin.

Wild Dog

Junior has been going ballistic today. I called him to come from Dad’s room and he tore off at a gallop through the house. He ran to my bed and calmed right down. Later he jumped up on the couch and I told him to get down and reached for his collar and he went mad again. The third time he had a fuzzy on his snout and I wiped it off and he went nuts again. Apparently he still has issues with trust. Hopefully he gets over this today. He may be having problems because he is coming off his anxiety meds.

He calmed down when he came in my room, so I think Junior knows this is a safe place. I am trying to get him accustomed to my room at first so he has a safe place. For the most part he is calm and laid back in the house, but I am trying to get him used to the rest of the house, and it is a fairly big place, so this may take some time.

I have to look up his medication and see what the side effects of coming off it are. I think he just needs time and a calm master to teach him that he is safe and wanted. He also needs some structure in his life and a regular routine. Junior needs to be trained, and from his limited repertoire of commands that he knows I think he was probably left alone too much as a pup. He is very good most of the time but he has some bad behavior that needs to be gotten under control. I don’t trust him in the yard off the leash yet, as he seems focused on chasing birds and rabbits and not on me when I walk him. He also needs a toy we can play with to get him some activity so he is not just laying around the house all day on drugs.


A dog means a lot of extra work. It’s worth it though. I took Junior for a stroll just now out in the cold. It’s taking some time to get him used to walking on a leash. He wants to take off like a shot after every bird, rabbit, and squirrel in the yard. He pulls, but a couple of quick tugs on the leash seems to hold him back.

I need to be working on this blog more often. I need to write about things that will help people solve their problems. I have a lot of my own problems that I need to solve, like my lack of reliable income. I don’t honestly know what I can sell over this platform. I could always look for some lousy information product, purchase rights, and sell it via a download, but hey, I don’t want to sell junk. If I am going to sell something I want it to be actually useful.

I used to work half time at the local community college as a science lab tech. That job lasted 16 years, but they ended up firing me over some bullshit. I never really had anything like a career. I worked construction for a while, but when they stopped paying me I left that gig. My last job was at Home Depot, but I had to quit because the work environment was making me psychotic. I really did not like loading bags of mulch and manure into people’s vehicles that well anyway. Worse was trying to place stock onto shelves that were already full.

Junior is sleeping on my bed now after his walk. It’s good to have a buddy here with me in this house. I think I am going to read a book or something for a while. I am growing tired of talking to myself on this blog. The writing has helped me today though power through some cravings I have had over the last few hours. Now if I could just figure out what W. J. Remski Publishing is supposed to be about I might be able to write a decent article or two.

Sitting Around With My Dog

I have the country music station going on the radio in my room. Junior is crashed out in bed snoozing. It’s good to have a companion. I got some exercise this morning, lifting weights and running around the back yard with the dog. I went out to the store this morning and got acorn squash, potatoes, and a slab of country ribs to roast for dinner.

When I go out Junior sits on the end table under my bedroom window and looks out waiting for me to return. It’s good that he likes me so much and he has caused very little trouble being in my room with me. He is very attentive to Dad as well and doesn’t jump up on him or anything. The shelter told me he had a bit of a problem with wanting to chew on people, but some stern “no’s” have gotten that bad habit pretty much under control.

It’s good that I can do my work out of home here, taking care of my Father, cooking, cleaning, doing chores and shopping. It would be nice if I could get some income coming from this blog, but that will have to wait for a while. I may try to sell some more of my things. I have a room full of books that would be easy to ship, but right now there is just not the traffic here to get customers for a book store.

I have looked over a few blogs I am subscribed to here on WordPress, and some of them have these annoying popups to capture email and advertisements for random shit everywhere. I don’t want to turn this blog into something like that, even though I know it can bring in some income. What I have to do is work on writing some articles that draw some attention. Content marketing, I have a book on that. I have a book on information marketing as well. I have a lot of books on business and writing I haven’t even read yet. Maybe I will sit out this epidemic and social unrest in my room, with my dog, reading and writing.

I bought a pack of smokes today for some reason, but I didn’t buy any alcohol, which is good. I will have to get a big bag of dog food for this animal some time later this week. He eats a measured amount in two feedings now, and he hasn’t had any problems with throwing up or the runs, so I think I have something he likes. He has a big butcher bone to gnaw on when he is frustrated, his own bed, and a dog crate on the way for when he needs a den. I got an email from the county this morning that they approved his dog license and they are putting it in the mail. Junior has just about everything he needs now.

Well, I think I am going to take care of some business around the house and see if Dad needs anything. I will probably do some research on monetizing a blog today and see what I can do to get some kind of cash flow coming from my writing efforts, such as they are. Take care people, and thank you for reading.

Early Morning

I got a reasonably good night of sleep last night despite my own indulgences. Junior spent the night at my side snuggling. He seems very well-behaved around me. He is a sleepy dog though and is still crashed out on my bed this morning. I get up early though, unlike the rest of the residents of this house.

Today I have to make a commitment to keep my wits about me. Yesterday I had a setback and that can not happen any more. I have the radio going now for Junior. He is snoring at the foot of my bed. I have to get some food into me and check on the house. I don’t know how people can sleep so long. There really isn’t much more to do these days at home, but I really haven’t changed my life much with this lockdown. I have a freind now, a dog friend, but still, it’s better than being alone.

Life With Dog

Since bringing Junior home on Thursday my life has changed a bit. I am no longer alone in my room. I have a friend who follows me all around the house and helps me with my chores. I have new responsibilities to water, feed, and walk my pet. I also have to work on training the little fellow. For the most part he is calm and peaceful, though he does have his emotional moments.

Junior is a pretty smart dog. He knows some basic commands like sit and come. Still, he has a lot of skills we need to work on, like walking on a leash. He pulls like a sled dog and goes a bit nuts when he sees a rabbit. He has a hard time controlling his anxiety. He alerts to things that are not there in the shadows of morning and night. He snores like a buzz saw. Still, he seems to be a good dog and for the most part he is happy.

I suppose there are worse ways I could have spent my stimulus money than adopting a dog. The last dog I had, for 16 years, was a big puppy when he ran out of a swamp in front of my friend’s car as we cruised the back roads. He had no tag and collar. I named him Monster. He was a rottweiler coon hound mix and was very friendly, though he had his problems as well. The thing is that dogs cost money to keep, and I don’t have a lot of money. I have to get to work on my business on this blog and find a way to generate some cash flow. Junior is my new family, and you have to take care of your family first.

My New Dog

My Good Boy June

There was a robbery in the neighborhood yesterday, and having no home security is not a good thing in these troubled times. A decent dog is probably the best home security you can get, so I contacted the local Humane Society and went to look for a shelter dog.

The first dog I tried to walk was a big shepherd mix who was just so unruly all he wanted to do was jump all over me and bite. Then I asked about another I had seen online and that Dad liked, and while that dog was a bit wild he didn’t gnaw on my hands or jump all over me. So I said I was interested and arranged a four day trial. He is a terrier pitbull mix, and a fairly decent size of a dog. I brought him home in the truck this afternoon and got him used to our house. He’s a boy but his name is June, which sounds Asian to me.

I spent the entire afternoon and evening with this dog and he is very attentive, he obeys simple commands, and he doesn’t cause much trouble. He snores though, and farts, like most dogs, but I can put up with that. He is a very affectionate animal and gets along well with my Dad. They gave me a big writeup with him. I should probably go over it and see what he needs. Mostly I think he needs an older companion and a lot of work. He already goes on patrols of the house with me, so I think he will work out as a good security dog. It was a good use for a couple hundred dollars of my stimulus money, and he will be a good addition to our family.