Christmas Morning

This Christmas seems different than many in the past. Holiday gatherings are small to non-existent. Many people are traveling this year, but for the most part they are staying home or gathering together in small family settings. For a lot of people this year money, and even food are major issues. Life has changed due to this virus that has infected and killed so many people over the last year. Consider contributing to a worthy charity this season and help those less fortunate than yourself. Food banks provide a basic service, and we all need to eat to survive.

It snowed here in Michigan late last night and early this morning. There is a light snow falling now and it is below 20 F outside. It would be a good day to stay at home, but some people have to go to services for the holiday. A lot of people will be traveling to visit family for dinners and parties. Whatever your plans this holiday season, stay safe and remember, things will not always be like they have been in 2020. We will get through this pandemic together, and when it is all over we will be stronger for the experience.