Dog Sleep Music

Junior is sleeping on my bed now, listening to some dog sleep music on YouTube. I have been disturbing his rest since about two this morning when I woke up. My sleep pattern has been disturbed today. When am I going to learn that there are better things in life than partying? My sister is … Continue reading Dog Sleep Music

Puppy Problems

Junior is still very much a puppy. He slept 12 hours last night. I took him outside to the tree to do his business and stood out in the cold for 15 minutes while he pulled at the leash and refused to go. He got the idea that there was something under the picnic table … Continue reading Puppy Problems

Making Progress

Junior is starting to learn how to walk on a leash. He got half way around the yard a while ago without pulling. Of course he had to catch the scent of a chipmunk in the old pool filter box on the back porch and went a little OCD on the thing trying to rip … Continue reading Making Progress

Snowy Morning

I got some good sleep last night with my dog. He’s still curled up on the bed snoozing. We got about an inch of snow last night, and it is cold again today, but hey, it’s winter. I have no real plans for the day, aside from taking care of things around the house, doing … Continue reading Snowy Morning

Wild Dog

Junior has been going ballistic today. I called him to come from Dad’s room and he tore off at a gallop through the house. He ran to my bed and calmed right down. Later he jumped up on the couch and I told him to get down and reached for his collar and he went … Continue reading Wild Dog


A dog means a lot of extra work. It’s worth it though. I took Junior for a stroll just now out in the cold. It’s taking some time to get him used to walking on a leash. He wants to take off like a shot after every bird, rabbit, and squirrel in the yard. He … Continue reading Work

Early Morning

I got a reasonably good night of sleep last night despite my own indulgences. Junior spent the night at my side snuggling. He seems very well-behaved around me. He is a sleepy dog though and is still crashed out on my bed this morning. I get up early though, unlike the rest of the residents … Continue reading Early Morning

Life With Dog

Since bringing Junior home on Thursday my life has changed a bit. I am no longer alone in my room. I have a friend who follows me all around the house and helps me with my chores. I have new responsibilities to water, feed, and walk my pet. I also have to work on training … Continue reading Life With Dog

My New Dog

There was a robbery in the neighborhood yesterday, and having no home security is not a good thing in these troubled times. A decent dog is probably the best home security you can get, so I contacted the local Humane Society and went to look for a shelter dog. The first dog I tried to … Continue reading My New Dog


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