I am trying out my new computer that came in the mail yesterday. Yeah, I think this will work real good.

Darkness Falls

It is nine PM now and the night is upon me. It was a damp and cloudy day. A misty rain fell that left the ground damp. I took my dog for five walks today in the back yard and we must have covered a couple of miles going around the track I have worn … Continue reading Darkness Falls

My Morning

I woke up this morning at six AM after a night of annoying dreams. I fixed myself a cup of Lipton black tea and watched some horrible video on YouTube about the coming war. Then I listened to a Cranberries song that made me sad. Junior got up early and looked out the window while … Continue reading My Morning


I have been reading Kindle books for a while this year. Yesterday I installed an update for my Kindle PC reader and the thing just stopped working. No shit, and I have just spent like $60 on new Kindle books. I spent two hours trying to get the thing working again, but the updates killed … Continue reading Information

A New Life

This is the 11th day in a row for me without alcohol. This is day nine on a plant based diet. I have found a new interest in learning. I am studying a lot of things with my PC Kindle reader and books from Amazon. I am reading a book on medical herbalism. I am … Continue reading A New Life

How to Lose Fat

I am overweight. Technically I am obese. I have had weight problems ever since the doctors put me on antipsychotic medications. The one time I managed to lose the weight on these drugs was when I was basically eating out of vending machines and limiting my calories to 1500 a day. At that time I … Continue reading How to Lose Fat


I just woke up from some intense dreams. I had a truck. I had a girl. I loaded the truck with hay. I got my girl and we drove through some mud. I lost the hay. I lost the girl. I drove the truck down the road. They were tunneling out in the back field … Continue reading Dreams

Wet Morning

It rained last night. It’s 7:30 this morning and still fairly dark outside. I have a cup of herb tea steeping in the kitchen. Yesterday I did up some ribs and baked potatoes on the grill. They turned out good enough, but I probably let them go too long. You can’t believe everything you see … Continue reading Wet Morning


Junior lost his shit at me tonight and started barking and acting like a maniac when I tried to watch a video. I put on the country station and lay down in bed and he snuggled up with me. He seems to get upset when the sun goes down. He’s curled up in bed now … Continue reading Nightfall


I’m sitting around this afternoon doing nothing. I have some fish to fry for dinner in a while. The dog is being a bitch. I don’t know why I would publish anything.


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