Why are so Many People Suffering?

I think it is because we have lost our sense of local community. It is also because of the greed of the wealthy who hoard resources and land. Why are all these rich bastards building rockets to leave the earth? Because they are rats leaving a sinking ship. We should put more effort into maintaining our planet and the life on it instead of paving it over and polluting it.

If we lived in viable neighborhoods, with enough room, and interacted with our neighbors, when we need help there will be people available. This was how it was for me growing up. We had gardens and shared our surplus crops. Instead of staring at a screen all day, we would go outside and play with the other kids in the area.

And then there are the truly poor. People with no homes, no food, no water. Why? This planet throws away more food than the entire population of the world could consume. They feed crops to animals and turn it into expensive protein. Meanwhile, children starve, even in America.

It’s time for governments to stop trying to think up ways to kill off humanity with their wars, their nuclear bombs, their viruses. The purpose of life should not be to see how much stuff you can acquire, but to see how many people you can help. If the only motivation you have to do anything is to get some coin, you are not living a real human life. You are a slave in a system that cares not whether you live or die.

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