Hot Day

It got up to 92 F this afternoon. I gave my little Carolina Reapers some sun today, but it may have been too much as the little leaves bleached out a bit. Hopefully I didn’t kill the little things. I spent most of the day trying to figure out how to get a COVID-19 vaccine. I went to CVS, as they had a sign posted on the door saying you could just walk in and get a vaccine. The pharmacist scowled at me and told me I had to make an appointment online. I went home and checked out their website. It was impossible to fill out the online form to schedule an appointment as they wanted all kinds of personal information and all my insurance numbers and photos of my fucking card. I got almost through that shit then cancelled. I called Rite Aid to talk to a pharmacist, and when they picked up the phone they fucking just hung up on me.

I did what I should have done months ago and got on my doctor’s patient portal. I had a message that I should schedule a COVID-19 vaccine. They told me how to schedule an appointment. They asked a few questions. They already have my insurance information. They have a medical clinic to administer the vaccine. I don’t have to sit in some dingy pharmacy and maybe go into shock from a reaction to the vaccine. I go in next Tuesday for my first shot.

I took Junior for four walks already today, but he has to go out soon again. I actually wore him out this morning by walking him at a brisk pace for 20 minutes. He has no stamina that one. At one point he stopped, stretched out on the ground, and sighed. Both Junior and myself need an exercise program.

It’s been two days now for me without alcohol. I don’t miss the feeling of wanting to lie in my bed and pass out. What did I ever see in that shit? I just don’t know. It’s 7 PM now and I have had a busy day. Time to play some Skyrim and chop some wood.

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