Setting Up the New Computer

I am on my tiny new computer now and just had to bump up the font size here so text is easier to read. I have a wired keyboard and mouse, and the screen is a pretty big wide screen not two feet from my face. I have the machine set up in my hall and it has had a solid connection to the wi-fi for the last two hours. An update came through this morning, and the display is good right to the edge of the screen. I don’t know if this computer will play games, but I may try to get Skyrim going again later if I am bored.

Well, I gave up on setting the size of the font, as it went back to default as soon as I added a new paragraph. Anyway, Dad is at an exercise class this afternoon and Junior is in my room listening to the country music station. I made a nice pitcher of Lipton black tea and have the air running because it is up in the 80s this afternoon. I am still losing weight on this plant based diet. My weight this morning was 201 pounds, just barely placing me a hair below obese. All I need now is a source of income.

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