Playing Skyrim Again

I’m getting impressed by this little 20 watt computer. I installed Steam on it and downloaded Skyrim and installed it. It plays fairly well, better than it did on my old computer, and hasn’t had any crashes yet. It is also a very quiet machine. I will give it some time to see how reliable it is with this game, but I had fun this afternoon.

I got through today without drinking any alcohol. I ended up knocking myself out yesterday with vodka, which did me no good at all. I had a better day today and took some time for myself out here in the hall away from Junior for a while. I got some good exercise today but I didn’t go anywhere. I walked the dog four times already today and will take him out one more time tonight.

Anyway, I ended up starting a big bearded Nord warrior named Bjorn Thorson. I resisted the urge to cheat and fought my way to freedom with the Stormcloaks and Ralof. I’m getting about 10-12 FPS by my estimate, which is twice what I used to get on my old computer. Since I really hate being pestered by dragons and just want to live my own life, I will not be doing the main quest. There are a lot of other things to do in Skyrim rather than just be a fetcher for everybody and do quests.

I’m about to take Junior for his last walk tonight before the skeeters come out. I saw something cool this morning in the lawn in the back yard, translucent glass mushrooms, about 3/4 inch across, little cool fairy mushrooms. I had a good day today and I didn’t need any artificial joy.

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