Shit seems to be breaking down for me today. This computer at least seems like it is on its last legs. I wanted to play some Skyrim this morning. I clicked on the icon and Steam started updating. I went away and made some tea. I started Skyrim and tried to start a new game. The FMV started playing, then the screen went blank and the computer started pumping 60 cycle hum to my sound system. I had to unplug the machine and reboot. I tried again. Steam loaded with an error, then the game loaded and tried to start, but crashed hard again. I rebooted, then tried to run Morrowind. Game starts, screen goes blank, computer crashes again. It looks like my video circuits are fucking up now and I won’t be able to play games. Oh well, there are other ways to spend my time, like writing.

It’s hot and very humid this morning. It is supposed to rain again today. I’ve taken Junior for two walks already today and he has had two bowls of kibble. I was still at 202 pounds this morning. I have been following a plant based diet now for a while and I am getting used to not eating the animal foods. The price of meat is going up anyway. My keyboard is dropping letters now. This is entropy, the tendency for ordered systems to become disordered with energy exchange. It’s also why frozen things keep so long, no energy input, no disorder created.

This is day four for me now without alcohol. This is day eight for me now with no money. This is day one for me on my new blogging career. Have fun people, and enjoy the day.

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