Popular Blog Posts I Don’t Know How to Write

Apparently I should do some research on what kind of things people are paying to read about. It seems I should find a topic that is popular and write something long, broken up into sections, and written at the kindergarten level of a picture book for all the dumb people to understand. I learned all this wrong information watching videos on YouTube.

I was more popular when I wrote poetry, but not by much. All my life I have never been popular. I’m an outcast from society with a terminal mental illness that isolates me even more. I have no job that pays so I work on this journal. I have a dog I might not be able to afford for much longer. I have my Dad.

The world is a sad and lonely place when you are 59, single, no family of your own, no home of your own, no friends and no family that likes you. This is starting to sound like a god damned complaint, but I just can’t seem to pull myself out of this hole. All I can do now is to stop digging the damned hole deeper.

Still, to get back to the subject, I think I had one popular blog post in my entire blogging career that goes back to 2001, and it was about something that was popular on Google Trends that I just said I thought was stupid but I wrote about it anyway.

I am not in the mood to sit at my computer today and type. I don’t know what to write about and I don’t know why I even have this blog. I think I will go back to writing poetry.

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