Cannabis Sativa is now legal in Michigan and has been for over a year now. Back in high school I was a lonely outcast, so of course I fell in with the stoners. I never had much exposure to weed before senior year in high school, when I started buying weed for like $30 an ounce back in 1979.

Times have changed and the price of dope has really gone up. When I have a little money I hit up the weed shop in Ann Arbor and get some of that sticky-icky bud for my hash pipe.

Things are getting tight for me around here with very little money left in the bank. I have to do something about this blog, and believe it or not there are people making money off blogs that do nothing more than advise people on what weed to buy and where to buy it. Advertising.

The only problem I ever had with weed was when it ran out. I used to smoke an ounce a week back in the day, but now I sip on vape cartridges or smoke tiny little bowls of bud in my crude cherry wooden hash pipe. Perhaps I should write reviews for different strains and post them on this blog. Perhaps I could do that for a couple today that I have already smoked. I have to do something about getting paid for my time, and writing about getting stoned doesn’t seem like such a bad gig to me.

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