Rainy Morning

It’s dull and damp and a bit chill outside this morning. I just had to reboot the router again this morning as it lost it’s DNS connection again today. I think it has something to do with me streaming videos on YouTube with Chrome here, as the exact same thing happened yesterday with the same sort of shit going on on my computer.

I think I am going to call a halt to all the video streaming I have been doing in my room here. There is no reason to sit in this room all day watching endless pointless videos on how I could lose weight by not eating so much. Seriously, I am getting sick and tired of hearing the same basic advice from these channels on how to lose weight and get into better shape. Don’t eat so much and move more. Simple.

Now, the problem about what to do with this blog. I like having an online journal for random people to read, but seriously, who is going to follow me? I got a lot of followers when I posted poetry, but there’s no point in poetry. I got some interest in my posts on health when I shared them on Pinterest, but man, I am no doctor or certified personal trainer. What do I know about health?

It’s almost ten this morning and Dad is still not out of bed. It’s Wednesday and I have no real commitments for the day. It’s wet outside so there will be no outside chores for today aside from walking the dog. I have to get my life together and start taking care of my body, mind, and soul. All this nonsense with germ warfare over the last year and a half? I avoid people as a rule, so nothing has changed. Time to go score some party goods and do something about the lack of readers for this blog.

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