I skipped dinner tonight. I didn’t really want sweet potato. I listened to Freelee talk about some shit on YouTube while Dad ate his chicken and taters, and basically cleaned up after the meal. After a while I made a red grape smoothie, then I made a pitcher of tea. Just now I had some pinto beans blended up with some water and some reaper sauce.

I am looking at myself now. I got a big ass belly from drinking too many calories. I got man boobs from the drugs they put me on years ago. I don’t know why doctors think it is OK to turn a man into a fat woman with drugs because they don’t like the thoughts you are thinking. Fuck all I am pissed tonight, and I didn’t even have that much to drink.

I drank today. I had vodka and water, the healthy man’s drink. I know I shouldn’t be drinking alcohol. I was just not feeling well today and wanted to pass out drunk in my bed for a while. The dog is in my bed now, and I have tea. I don’t know what I am going to do tomorrow. I don’t know what I am going to do tonight. I don’t know what I am going to do tomorrow. Who the fuck designs these web applications where every time I fucking fat finger a key some god damned menu pops up. I hate these modern apps.

Back in the day they had word processors. On the fancy ones you could look up spelling and grammar rules. Now they fucking want to do everything for you. I don’t like the concept of typing into a web app just to do some writing. Shit man, I am so old school I still use pen and paper. I think I want to turn off this computer and sleep for a week.

Food, that was my topic. I didn’t get much food today. I have to lose weight. I am tired. I am sick of this blog. Is there really any reason I have to write letters to random people on the net and never get a reply? I am sick of this shit. Maybe I will just post links to stupid cat videos like all the other important bloggers. Later.

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