The Beginning of a Hot Summer

It was cool and cloudy this morning, but this afternoon the sun is out and it is getting hot. I’m taking it easy this afternoon with a few cold ones. I have been trying to figure out this blogging business, but for now, I think I am just going to ramble on about my day.

I cooked up a pound of red lentils today for protein. Red lentils are expensive, $2.79 a pound even when the green lentils have been going for 79 cents a pound at the fruit and vegetable market.

Junior is crashed out under my office chair now sleeping. Dad went off to an exercise class at the senior center, which they just re-opened after being closed for over a year because of the COVID-19.

Like I said a couple posts ago, I have finally been able to lose some of the excess weight I have been carrying around due to the drugs they have me taking. It is taking a lot of effort though, as I have had to stop eating a lot of the foods I had been used to eating as a staple. Right now I eat beans, peas, lentils, grains, lots of vegetables, fruit, and like today, some beer. 

The mail is here. It is quiet for a Monday afternoon. Maybe I will do some research and write a real article for a change. Later my fine fair readers.

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