A Long Day

I didn’t get anything productive done today. I cooked. I cleaned up a little. I drank Canadian Beer. There is an hour and a half left in this Monday and I need to think a bit before I head to sleep.

I sat around with Dad for a while this evening watching Antiques Roadshow. It’s interesting to learn about some of the odd stuff people used to make and collect. I made a pot of tea this evening, some loose leaf oolong tea I bought years ago at the China Market. Tonight I am just sitting around trying to think up something to do with this website so it doesn’t just fade into obscurity.

I wrote a poem today that got a few views. I don’t much feel like turning this back into a poetry blog however. What I feel like doing is making a log of all the things I think about and what I feel about how the world is looking these days.

I haven’t heard from my friend in a few days now. She must be busy with her two jobs and I know she is having some trouble getting used to life with her Father gone. It would be good to have somebody to talk with, but hey, I know other people have their own lives to live and can’t always be bothered to say hello or chat when they have important things to do.

I am starting to get a better handle on this blog posting business. In order to have backup I am writing this in Google Docs with Chrome. Chrome saves my work to the cloud and backs it up on my local computer. There is no bullshit with random key clicks deleting all my work. I don’t have to worry about format or spelling or grammar. I can get at my work from any of my computers now. And it is quiet this evening so I can think better without all the noise in the house when the TV is running.

Tomorrow I have to talk to my doctor on the phone. She has cancelled the last two appointments with her because she was sick. My sister wants to come over and help us clean the house, which I find a bit insulting, nevermind all the useless work that gets made for me doing loads of laundry of towels that were not even used that she insists on putting in the laundry even though they were just changed. On top of everything she riles up my dog by acting so excited around him and it takes an hour for him to calm down after she leaves.

I have two little Chocolate Reaper hot peppers growing in my windowsill now out of the 24 seeds I planted 2 weeks ago. I think I am going to try container gardening this year and maybe get some grow bags and have them in the backyard. I have to work on my health still, as in getting rid of this annoying drinking problem that set me back nine bucks today for beer. That’s a thousand excess Calories in a god damned six pack anyway that I don’t need for my spare tire.

I have to think about what are the kinds of things I would be reading the net for and use that as inspiration for my blog posts. I am tired of being here alone all the time, but at least the dog keeps me company and makes my day go by without feeling so isolated. I made a good dinner for Dad tonight and did all the dishes after the meal was finished. Then I went in my room, put on the Duck Commander Podcast on YouTube, and slept off that last of my slight beer buzz before taking the dog for his evening walk.

I should probably check the news this evening before I head to sleep. I try to disconnect from the constant repetition of the TV news during the day by spending time in my room. I don’t know what to make of a world where the people in control, governments, all use their resources to think up more and better ways to kill millions of people. Why are there even such things as nuclear weapons? I could have gone into the defense industry with my physics degree, but chose instead to follow the useless path of the wastrel and at least not be complicit in the mass murder of people in war.

That’s about all I feel like writing tonight. I had a fairly useless day. I took care of some chores. I caught a slight buzz and stayed at home. Now, I think all I need to do is put something educational on the computer and try to learn something in my sleep.

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