It is dark and cold this morning. The house is quiet. My dog is curled up sleeping on my bed. It’s quarter past five in the morning and I have a cup of tea to get me going for the day.

I was down to 206 pounds this morning. It is supposed to be a beautiful sunny day today. Maybe I will get some exercise today and get going on the yard work. I have a lot to clean up in the yard and a lot of branches came down from the trees in the wind we had last week. I’m not really feeling all that up to doing labor, but hell, you got to do something.

I am typing this up in the Chrome browser. Firefox has been crashing a lot on this machine, and it is slow as hell. Chrome at least seems to work. I haven’t been doing much writing lately. I am on a long slow journey to lose weight. This blog? It may evaporate. Just a cloud in the passing summer breeze.

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