My Morning

I woke up this morning at six AM after a night of annoying dreams. I fixed myself a cup of Lipton black tea and watched some horrible video on YouTube about the coming war. Then I listened to a Cranberries song that made me sad. Junior got up early and looked out the window while it was still dark. I read for a while about herbs and tried to find some useful information online about healthy plant based diets, all to no avail.

I haven’t had any meat dairy or eggs all April. This is day 14 for me without alcohol. I might make some home brew hard cider this morning. In fact, I think I will do that now. Nothing wrong with a few swigs of some live cultures. I have lost a little weight this month, but nothing major. Today so far I have had ten ounces of cabbage, a cup and a half of pea soup, and a handful of walnuts blended up into walnut milk for my omega-3s.

In case you’re wondering, here’s how I make hard cider: I take a clean glass pitcher, add one can of Kroger 100% apple juice concentrate and three cans of water from the hot water tap. Then I stir until dissolved, add one tablespoon of fast-acting dry bread yeast, stir until dispersed, and then cover with plastic wrap. Place in a dark closet for 24 hours, and bingo, hard cider. After two days it starts going sour, so if you leave it for a while you will have home made apple cider vinegar, which is also healthy.

People get all hung up on sterilizing their fermentation shit, but this never happened in the old days and they made perfectly fine booze. Hell, I read in a book on self sufficiency some years ago that I checked out of the library that they used to make beer in a bucket and filter it through clean straw. If you watch any videos on making beer now they would make you think you need thousands of dollars worth of equipment and chemicals to make a god damned ale. Not true. If your batch goes bad you pour it out. I have seen moonshiners on TV make their booze in big metal septic tanks.

Two weeks with no alcohol. 12 days with no animal foods. Down about four pounds. Dog curled up and sleeping on my bed. That’s just about what’s happening in my life. If anyone in my family cared enough about me to look me up online I would probably catch hell from them for what I post here, but seriously, they don’t like me anyway. I have to get my Dad going for the day and make him some tea. Then I have to do the grocery shopping. I haven’t left the property in four days now and it’s time to go out and see how things are going in the clown world that is COVID crazy as hell.

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