Darkness Falls

It is nine PM now and the night is upon me. It was a damp and cloudy day. A misty rain fell that left the ground damp. I took my dog for five walks today in the back yard and we must have covered a couple of miles going around the track I have worn in the lawn. He is sleeping now on my bed.

I am listening to a collection of Fairy songs on YouTube now that just dropped from a user called Daniella. It’s odd, but I feel a deep connection to the hidden world that exists parallel to our own. I guess it goes back to my reading some of the prose works of William Butler Yeats back when I was in college at the University of Michigan. The Grad Library was my hangout then where I did my homework and studied some of their arcane books.

I tried to write this post with the WordPress editor, but hit the wrong hot key and deleted the first paragraph. I hate writing with the editor on the post page, so I brought up Notepad++ and am composing in a nice compact unformatted text file. I can’t tell you how many times this crazy shit has happened to me while trying to write something in the editor window. WordPress, get your shit together and write better code and leave the bells and whistles for FakeBook.

FakeBook, what a crock of shit that social network is. I friended my girl and soon all her African friends started sending me friend requests. After approving the first thousand or so african boys posing as sexy women I gave up. Still they come, still I ignore them. I must have had ten thousand friend requests over the last month if I have had one. God damned fake accounts from the jungle spamming me with their fake messages too telling me how cute I am. Bullshit. I’m a fat, ugly old man. I am about to delete that account and forget about Mark Suckerberg and his scam network.

I have some places to go tomorrow. In the morning I am going to the organic market, Fresh Thyme, and see if they have some deals on fruit and vegetables. Then I am going into Ann Arbor and picking up my thyroid meds. I might visit a shop there as well that sells interesting herbs. They have a lot of herbal shops in Ann Arbor, some of which might even sell ingredients for ayhuasca. I am finding that herbs are really good for my health and sense of well-being. I am also studying to be an herbalist, something which requires no license in Michigan and which violates no stupid law like they have in South Carolina.

I ordered some seeds today for Carolina Reaper peppers. I am going to try and grow some of those evil things this year. I also ordered a bottle of Reaper Squeezins direct from Smokin’ Ed Currie of Puckerbutt Pepper Company. That guy is some kind of evil genius when it comes to breeding hot peppers. I did up some Insanity Sauce in my beans and my tomato shakes this afternoon, but it didn’t help much with the pain in my knee from the last Invega shot they gave me. Why are doctors always giving me pain? Because they want to make work for more doctors and turn me into more of a drug addict. Doctors treat symptoms, not causes. They make work for each other with their bogus treatments. Aside from trauma, for which they have never done anything useful for me aside from putting in a few stitches, doctors in the MD path are useless.

That’s all for now. The Fairy songs are almost over. It’s 9:30 and getting near time for me to try my home-brewed Fairy nectar. Good night, morning, afternoon, or evening, whatever it is where you are.

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