I have been reading Kindle books for a while this year. Yesterday I installed an update for my Kindle PC reader and the thing just stopped working. No shit, and I have just spent like $60 on new Kindle books. I spent two hours trying to get the thing working again, but the updates killed it. I am not buying any more Kindle books. Thankfully, the cloud reader still works, but that requires me to be online for it to operate.

I have been trying to look up information today on self sufficiency and organic gardening. There is nothing useful online. I tried to read a print book this morning, but after half an hour with print my eyes started going wobbley. I can read on the monitor OK, but print does bad things to my vision. Also, I could not find decent material on anything related to providing for yourself. I think Ice Age Farmer on YouTube is right, governments want people to be a dependent bunch of toddler-level creatures cared for by the state.

Last night I downloaded a program called Calibre that reads ebooks that don’t have DRM on them. Now I am looking for free ebooks online, but the only decent place I have found with quality goods is Project Gutenberg. These books are all old or otherwise public domain. I am giving up on the videos for the time being. Online videos are all idiotic. YouTube is a bigger waste of time than TV.

I like this blog. I think I am going to work on it every day from now on. I think I am going to do some work offline and post it here. What I don’t like about blogs is that they are always trying to sell you shit. I may subscribe to Mother Earth News today. That’s about the only publication I know with content dealing with a self sufficient back to the land lifestyle.

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