A New Life

This is the 11th day in a row for me without alcohol. This is day nine on a plant based diet. I have found a new interest in learning. I am studying a lot of things with my PC Kindle reader and books from Amazon. I am reading a book on medical herbalism. I am reading books on biochemistry and dog psychology. I have found a new interest in science and life.

I don’t know what I have been doing for the greater part of my life pissing away my energy on alcohol and drugs. Certain drugs the doctors have me on to help control my mind. I take herbs now for my liver and my hormones. I get my nutrition and some medical benefit from fresh raw foods liquified in a blender. I get exercise walking my dog and doing yard work. My social life is home and grocery shopping. I no longer sleep 12 hours a day. I feel like I have started on a new life.

So far this month I have dropped seven pounds as measured in the morning on a digital scale. I research the health benefits of food online and read books on my Kindle. I have resisted the urge to buy cannabis, even though it is legal here in Michigan. I don’t hang out with toxic people. Yesterday I planted a flower on my Mother’s grave.

Addiction is slavery. That is the original meaning of the word addict, a person who sold themselves into slavery. I was a nicotine addict for a couple months recently, and for years in my past. I was an alcoholic for years. I was a food junkie for a long time. I smoked weed until it burned out my brain. Now, I am recovering and starting a new life.

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