Junior lost his shit at me tonight and started barking and acting like a maniac when I tried to watch a video. I put on the country station and lay down in bed and he snuggled up with me. He seems to get upset when the sun goes down. He’s curled up in bed now staring at me as I type this. That dog needs to do some growing up.

I was bad today and had some vodka. I was good today and made a good dinner. Tomorrow is a new day. What the fuck else do I have to do these days? Can’t even go to the library. It was too wet and windy today to use the new barbecue. Yeah, I bought a nice Weber kettle grill yesterday. The burgers I cooked turned out too hard and dry the first time. I guess the fire wasn’t right. I am still learning how to cook on a charcoal grill.

It’s getting dark now. The dog is licking himself now like a maniac. It has been two months now since I got him and he’s just taking his time getting used to our family. He sits with us at dinner and is mostly good. He was mostly good all day. I took him for a lot of walks today. He scared up a rabbit in the back yard. I am tired of writing about my life. My life is boring.

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