Staying Up Late

I had a troubled day. First the peas boiled over. Then they burned. I had two messes to clean up. Dinner was good though, squash and chicken for Dad. It’s getting near 11 PM now here and I am not sleepy. Junior is trying to snooze on the bed though, so I have to keep things quiet for a while.

I guess today wasn’t so bad. I got the flea spray delivered in the mail today and it seems to work well for the dog. As a side benefit it seems to have stopped his incessant scratching. It has a strong scent, but lemony and pleasant. Tomorrow my order of instant kava is supposed to be delivered. Right now we are getting some light rain off and on.

My friend messaged me on Saturday that her father had died Friday. I feel sad for her. I liked her Dad. Everything is still in lockdown mode around here, so I don’t think I will be going to the funeral. I sent her a couple messages over the last couple days, and she thanked me for the positive vibes. I hope she keeps herself feeling good, as we are both kinda crazy.

I was down a few pounds this morning, so maybe the vegan diet is having an effect. Maybe I was just dehydrated. I did my dumbbell exercises twice today. I walked for a while and I walked the dog. I think tonight I am going to watch some videos and later crash out. I will be back in the morning to post something else. Take care all and good evening to you wherever you are.

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