Skinny Bastard

Skinny Bastard is a book about how to lose weight and get into better shape by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin. It is also a lot of vegan propaganda about how bad meat dairy and eggs are for you and the animals. I actually read this book twice. The authors are fairly rude and crude, but this makes the book a quick read and carries their message in a memorable fashion.

For a while there this book caused me to adopt a vegan diet. I lost a bit of weight but couldn’t stick to this manner of eating. Yes, farm animals have a rough life, but it is the price they pay for having any life at all. A lot of people have a rough life. The fact is that people have been eating animal foods from before homo sapiens even existed, in other words, throughout all the history of human life. Hunting is what caused humanity to develop tool technology. Of course it meant the extinction of some species, but things are different now. For the most part we breed the animals we eat.

Skinny Bastard is the book for men these authors wrote after releasing their book for women, Skinny Bitch. I am not entirely sure what kind of men these women had in mind as their reader when they wrote this, but it was probably some drunk-ass college boy who lives on fast food and cheap beer. Seriously, most men I know are more intelligent than to succumb to some emotional, one-sided pitch for the animals and to be convinced that they should give up the foods that have made humanity strong. Overall I liked Skinny Bastard, but the message it conveys is lost on me. If you are looking for some easy reading vegan propaganda, give Skinny Bastard a read.

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