Chamomile Tea

I made myself a cup of chamomile tea about an hour ago. It gives me a very calm and peaceful feeling. I am waiting on a phone call now from my friend. I have to tell her I don’t want her getting high in my house. I have to tell her I am not going to drink any alcohol. She is probably not going to be very happy.

I have a bad feeling about today. I don’t think I am going to get any rest for another two days. I think my sister is going to want to come over and visit. Dad is just getting finished with his shower and it is already after noon. I got a shower this morning and the whole thing took me ten minutes. I just feel bad today.

I think I am going to make another cup of tea. If I hang out with my friend today it is going to be a lot of driving. I want to just have my life simple like the way it was when I was a lonely single man.

Well, my girl just called and things went well with her. We are going to hang out for a day and be friends. I think I will have a good day and drag myself out of this funk I seem to have gotten myself into. Later readers.

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