Almost Sleepless Night

I don’t think straight sometimes. Take for instance yesterday. There I was, 18 days sober and I had to buy that pint. Well, I had a lot of time to think things over last night, and I have come to a conclusion. I don’t need intoxicants in my life.

I need to get my priorities straight. The last thing I need is to be pissing my little bit of money away on shit. I need to get this blog into some kind of shape and start writing things that matter instead of the crap I wrote yesterday when I was buzzed. I need to get my relationship back on some kind of solid ground instead of just hosting a party girl who only wants to drink and smoke.

I’m sober now and I am going to stay that way. My life is too valuable to be wasted all the time. If other people want to squander their hard work on booze and weed, well that’s not really my problem. My problem right now is how to get through life without running into these setbacks that always seem to creep up on me every time I let my guard down.

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