Alcohol Use Disorder

This is something I am trying to get under control. I never had much of a problem with alcohol until I shared an apartment with an alcoholic. You see, alcohol abuse is contagious. Much like drug abuse, you catch it from other people. They share their dysfunctional behaviors with you and pretty soon you have the same behaviors. Nobody lives in a vacuum, so hey.

Yesterday was hopefully my last dance with the devil. I got pretty hammered and lost a lot of sleep. I made some commitments with a friend I am going to have to do my best to salvage. Maybe we can work something out that will benefit us both. I know she needs a friend, as do I, and I know we both have a lot of the same problems. One of us at least has to be strong.

I think I will concentrate on making tea today and maybe we can go out and buy some herbal tea for a good witch’s brew. I have some work to do for Dad today cleaning, and hopefully my sister doesn’t come over and want to check up on us today. I am going to have to take care of myself today and stay away from any involvement in intoxicants.

Alcohol has taken its toll on my health over the years. I have a broken clavicle from one drunken night on my bicycle that still worries me. I have mental problems the doctors can’t figure out because of all the drugs I used to take. I don’t need to go back to that shit. I need to find a friend who will support me in healthy behaviors instead of encourage my own self-destructive nature.

Today might be a difficult day, but I will make it through. The weather looks like it will hold out for the coming week. I have work to do around the house, but it can wait. Right now I just want to walk off my troubles and get some healthy exercise in instead of sitting on my ass writing about all my problems.

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