A New Year

For the first day of the year here in southeast Michigan the weather sure is miserable. We have had ice, freezing rain, rain, and snow already today and it is not supposed to let up until almost tomorrow morning. I have stayed inside today exercising and eating sensible, healthy food. Dinner has to go on in a few minutes.

I have been on a vegan diet now for the last six days, but my weight really hasn’t dropped much. It is sixteen days now since I bought alcohol, and I am not planning on going back to that deadly routine any time soon. I haven’t smoked any weed either, and don’t have the cash for such things. 2021 is going to be the year I lose 40 pounds of fat and get into better shape.

I ran my numbers through some online calculators this morning. My BMI is 31.5 or so, and I am at just about 32% body fat. My resting metabolic rate is 1750 Calories, but I am fairly active, so I probably burn at least another 500 Calories a day. I used an exercise calculator to guess how much I am burning by walking in my room, and it came out to 300 Calories an hour. That just doesn’t seem accurate to me, because I have walked about 4 hours already today. I did bench presses with 70 pounds, did my dumbbell exercises, and walked for a half an hour wearing a 20 pound weight vest.

I have work to do now in the kitchen, but I will be back later to write another journal entry. Take care people, and may you all have a safe, happy new year in 2021.

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