I have a fairly large collection of books I have been going over in the last few months, and despite my problems with small print I am determined to start reading again. I started one yesterday about plant based diets and am somewhat amazed that I had never even opened this book since I bought it eight years ago. I guess you could call me a book collector.

I’ve put my business aspirations for this blog on hold for the time being. I don’t have the money to promote this blog, and there is really nothing here to promote anyway. This is my writing practice, and I have to do something every day to stay active. Things like television and YouTube tend to rot the mind as far as I am concerned. Writing helps you sort out your thoughts and gives the intellect some exercise.

It’s getting colder outside this afternoon. We had a warm night and all the Christmas snow melted. It looks like we may get some more in a couple days. I am no fan of winter, let me tell you, but it comes around every year, so what can you do?

It has been 12 days now for me without alcohol, and I don’t miss it. My current goal is to finish out the year sober, then make it through 2021 without drinking. It’s an ambitious goal, I know, but not impossible. Drinking does not fit in with my plan to get healthy and lose weight. It also interferes with exercise. Alcohol is just bad news any way you look at it in my opinion.

I have some chicken soup going for Dad in the slow cooker. I will probably just have some more beans myself and some raw veggies. This is day two and a half of my vegan diet. I tasted the soup for salt and it just tasted like chicken to me and it wasn’t a flavor I wanted, though it was good.

I went shopping for fruit and vegetables this morning and spent $60 at Randazzo’s Market. I got walnuts for $4.19 a pound, cabbage, lots of other things I needed. I think that place is becoming my favorite store. They have so many different kinds of fruit and vegetables it is kinda crazy. It wasn’t very busy at all this morning, so I didn’t worry about the virus.

Well, that’s all I can think to write at the moment. I am going to put on a video and do some exercise in my room. I’ve been sitting for the last two hours and that is just too long to be lazy. Bye for now.

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