I woke up this morning to a light dusting of snow over everything in the yard. It was 34 F outside, so not even freezing, but somehow the snow had fallen and the world was white.

I turned off most of the technology last night and slept in darkness with the radio going. I had a dream that I got a job working in a restaurant as a cook. I had a restful night and slept through the evening without tossing and turning.

Yesterday I started reading the AA book online. The main point of AA seems to be that we need some kind of god to help us get over our alcohol cravings. The last time I talked to anyone from AA was in the hospital back in 2017 where I was put after I had a manic episode and felt like I was tripping. It’s also where I met Janell, who for some reason now won’t even talk to me on the computer. Oh well, she still drinks beer and smokes two packs of Camels every day, so maybe we are just not right for each other. Anyway, at the AA presentation in the hospital the guy seemed taken aback when I told him I was a witch and had both a god and a goddess.

So it snowed last night, but not enough to shovel. I will have to sweep off the car and truck with the broom, but aside from that it is really no problem. Dad has to get to church this morning, but he should be OK. I would drive him if the weather was really bad, but he likes to have some independence and do things for himself.

I have some chicken legs to roast up for dinner. I have potatoes. I don’t have to go to the store, which will remove some temptation from me. I had some tea this morning and a hot pepper drink I made from half a cup of cold water and a habanero pepper. I think today I am going to cook up some peas or lentils and eat mostly vegan foods, though I am not a vegan. I think today I am going to try to get some exercise and take care of things around the house. Take care people and enjoy the winter weather.

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