It gets dark early this time of year in Michigan. We had light snow all day and it is going to dip below freezing tonight, so the roads may ice up. I didn’t go anywhere today, but Dad drove himself into church this morning. I roasted chicken legs and potatoes for dinner and warmed up the last of the squash for a vegetable. We had a good dinner and I am just sitting around my room now watching videos.

I kept away from alcohol today again, so I am making some progress on my quest to go dry. I had a couple words with Janell this morning, but she didn’t seem to want to talk. When I think about some of our dates a couple years ago, I wonder what we ever saw in each other. We were a couple of drunks who sat up all night pounding Bud Lights and watching crap like Sausage Party on Netflix. And the cigarettes, well, I haven’t smoked one in 15 months now, so hey, some progress.

It’s after seven this evening and I have no idea what I want to do before bed. I think I will put in another video and listen to a lecture on something. Maybe something on the history of witchcraft. I studied the craft for a while this morning as part of my religious studies. I have Buckland’s big blue book that I got somewhere off the Internet in PDF format. Arr, I’m a pirate. Books should be free anyway, like going to the library. In any case, I am off now to relax and try to learn something from that great gloopy font of useless knowledge that is YouTube.

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