This Morning

Me and my Shadow

I look like hell this morning, but I don’t feel so bad. Believe it or not I clipped my beard yesterday. I should probably run the clippers over my skull again as my hair is all out of control now. So far today I haven’t had the inclination to drink, which is good.

I guess why I look so down and out this morning is because I didn’t sleep for shit last night. I lay in bed tossing and turning, listening to idiots and morons talking about the food they eat on YouTube. I really need to shut the technology down at night and turn out the lights and get some decent sleep. It’s too late for that now. I’ve been up for six hours already this morning and I am not going to take a nap like a little kid.

I took a couple hamburgers out of the freezer this morning for dinner later tonight. I have no great plans for the day other than to shelter in place at home and avoid the beer stores. Dad didn’t give me a hard time this morning, though he knows I was fucked up last night. Today I think I am going to try to get a handle on these insane alcohol cravings and do something about my life and try to make this blog into some kind of going concern. Perhaps I should just record audio and post it to this blog instead of fat-finger typing like a loser.

So I look like hell today and feel like shit. At least I know what has to be done to get my life back together. At least I am trying to tell the story of my life on these pages. Maybe somebody will reach out to me and give me some words of encouragement. Maybe I can become internet famous for turning my life around and living like a real worthwhile person instead of a lazy sot.

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