View Surge

For some reason today this blog got 45 views. Some of them came from FaceBook, but a lot just went to the home page. Why am I so popular all of a sudden? Maybe somebody is stalking me.

I had a quiet day today. I went to Kroger early and got a load of groceries. I am almost done with the laundry, two loads for Dad and two loads for me. I knocked back a couple of cold ones this afternoon, but didn’t get wasted. I know I shouldn’t, but things get to me.

I have given up on this vegan diet binge I was on for the last couple weeks. That diet is just not a healthy way to eat. I had hamburger and scrambled eggs for breakfast. I had chicken for lunch. I had country ribs and squash for dinner. I started drinking milk again and I had some plain yogurt as well as some cottage cheese today. My weight is up, but I don’t care.

I think I am going to check out some prepper videos this evening. Kroger today was almost totally out of turkeys. I got a line on some legs at the local market, so that shouldn’t be too bad. I will go tomorrow and see if they have them in. About the only food I have stocked up is rice and beans and peas. I might look into getting some canned meat as well. I have 11 cans of tuna I bought a couple weeks ago when they were going for 67 cents a can. Kroger has some deals.

I have to check out FaceBook now and see what’s happening there. Maybe somebody left me a message about how interesting my blog is. Maybe my family hates me now because I like to have a couple beers now and then. Oh well, they hate me already so there’s no loss.

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