We had quite the wind storm yesterday and even now at 2 AM it isn’t over. I get really nervous in storms now for some reason. I also fell off the wagon after eight days straight, but that doesn’t bother me much. What bothers me is how easy it was to buy that pint of whiskey and drink it down in shots spaced out across about eight hours. I’d like to say today is different, but who knows what the day will bring. I am going to try and get through the day without drinking alcohol.

I had me some weird dreams tonight. I was in Gallup Park painting the dashboard of the car. There was a Metallica tape in the tape player. Then I drove the truck down a dirt road off the freeway and a UPS truck passed me, but one of his rear wheels broke off and he had to chase it down. That dream woke me up, and since there was no going back to sleep I made some tea and opened up the Chromebit.

I have the country music station going in my bedroom now. They are playing some calm music now. I might give up on sleep for a while now. I played some Skyrim yesterday, just long enough to cheat my way up to level 10. I might conjure some septims in that game with the console, or maybe I will work for them by chopping wood, and buy some training in alchemy or something. My girl Raven is already quite the conjurer.

I think I am going to take some time today and do some real work on this blog. There must be something I can do to make some money here. I am not much of a coach, and I don’t know why anyone would pay me to consult, but hey, I have a lot of books I could sell. I have lots of art, some of it framed. Oh well, that’s all for now. I need another cup of tea.

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