Early Morning

I have been doing some research this morning. I am trying to figure out some way I can make some money. I suppose there are a lot of people who have this same ambition. I can’t really work a job because I have to be around the house to help out my Dad. I don’t have anything I can sell aside from some books and some art I have made over the years. My art, well, what can I say about that? It might not be very good is all I can say.

I looked over craigslist this morning looking for firewood. The price of firewood has gone through the roof. I think I should probably start cutting my own from some of the dead trees on the property. It would be good exercise and it would give me some outside activity and fresh air. There is no way I would pay $125 for a face cord of firewood, but that seems to be what it is going for around here.

Craigslist is a real swamp in Ann Arbor. The whole community board is filled with posts from sleazy people looking for cheap sex. I feel like I am about to catch a disease just reading through some of that shit. They took the personals section off that site some years ago because it was being used as advertising for prostitution. I have sold some things on craigslist over the years that I never thought would have sold, like a Vis/UV spectrophotometer and some vacuum pumps, but it was at a real low value compared to replacement costs. With the COVID running rampant now I don’t even want to deal with random strangers coming to my house.

The ideal thing for me to sell would be a digital download of some sort. There are services that would for example take a payment and then provide a download link for something like an ebook. The problem is I don’t have an ebook. Maybe I should take a few weeks and write something about getting into shape and losing fat. There are a lot of fat people in this world, including myself. It’s an idea anyway, not that I know anything about health and fitness, but I can at least still learn and I am not selling any supplements or such like.

Oh well, I am off now to do some reading up on ways I could make some money on this blog. I know one thing for certain, I am not going to make anything writing stories about how I am trying to quit drinking. Hello, alcoholic Bill, let me give you some cash to feed your bad habit. Not going to happen it is. On the other hand, I did go eight days without drinking last week, and it was only the wind storm that rattled my nerves to the point I needed a drink to cope. Today is a new day and a new beginning. I start again and this time no need to apologize or regret what I did or my failures. I am tired of being a failure and need to find some success in life.

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