Quiet Day

I stayed away from alcohol again today. It will be a week tomorrow since I bought beer. I stayed on my vegan diet today as well. So far I haven’t lost any weight, but I am feeling a lot better and haven’t had any bad cravings for booze.

I went to Kroger this morning and picked up some groceries. I filled the truck with gas. I spent most of the day watching videos on the Chromebit. I like this little computer. It does what I need and uses very little power.

I did some slight reading this morning about food and world hunger. I watched Earthlings yesterday and Dominion today, two horror movies about animal abuse. I can see why a lot of people are against eating animals the way they are treated in this modern world. I am starting to get creeped out by the meat counter at the store.

I made an omelet for Dad for dinner tonight, but didn’t have any myself. I will probably get a turkey leg quarter for Thanksgiving and roast that up for us. I don’t really want to go out on the holiday with all the traffic and other people’s cooking. We can have a good holiday at home, me and Dad.

I find it reprehensible that they feed so much of the crops to animals to make meat for the rich while poor people starve to death. More than half of the crops they grow in the world go to fatten up chickens and pigs and cows. You know, you could make a nice little cookie out of corn and soy and feed the cookies to starving humans to keep them alive, but they don’t even do that. A lot of the grain crop is brewed up into beer and whiskey and vodka, three totally useless and dangerous fluids.

It looks like Joe Biden is going to be president come January. Maybe Sleepy Joe can get this country moving again, but I tend to doubt it. Anyway, I think I am going to find a book to read on Gutenberg. Old books were written better than the modern ones, even though they are not up to date on the latest news.

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