I haven’t had any animal products in four days now in my diet. So far I really haven’t lost much if any weight, but I feel better and don’t crave alcohol like I did last week. I had some pea soup for breakfast and some oatmeal for lunch. I went to get my injection this morning and have some things to do this afternoon with Dad.

I slept well last night, probably because I turned off the computer and turned the radio on quietly in the background. It was very cold this morning, but it is about 50 outside now. The sun is shining and the sky is blue.

I ran into a washed-up ex-boxer panhandling in the streets on the way out of the clinic this morning. He seemed seriously drunk, so I wasn’t about to give him anything. I looked him up online when I got home and he has been homeless for at least six years now according to Reddit. It got me thinking that there has to be a better way to feed the hungry than to have them wandering the streets begging. I know they have free food charities in downtown Ann Arbor because I looked them up, so it is most probable that this person was just hustling up some cash for his next forty. I really don’t like going to that clinic as there is always somebody who tries to hit me up for a handout, even though panhandling is illegal in that city.

I am going to do some exercise today and some reading. I will be back later to write more of my thoughts on this blog when I feel like typing again.

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