Day 3 and 4

This is my third day on a vegan diet. This is the fourth day without alcohol. I think the lack of animal products in my diet is helping me stay away from getting drunk. It might also be that I am broke, but who cares. I don’t need money.

Like I said in the previous post I had wild lucid dreams last night. I got some good rest and woke up early. I go in for another shot of Invega tomorrow morning, so I am not too happy with that. The shots hurt and make me stupid as all fuck. I fall asleep at seven in the evening on that shit. I got to get some more tea.

I have to take Dad to the doctor in a few minutes, and later this afternoon I have to help him drop off the car for service. I really should gas up the truck as well, but it has half a tank and a hundred miles easy left in it. I have a book to take with me to the appointment today, as the COVID has the magazines removed from all areas. I don’t want to just wait in the car though.

I found some jokes online today. Maybe I can copy and paste one here.

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