I had a lousy night of restless sleep last night and this morning. Of course there was a reason. I have to get a handle on things around here and do some actual work instead of getting wasted every damn day. Things will be better today I kinda know it.

It is supposed to be warm again today. 70 F is unusual for November. It’s 51 outside now and the sun is just beaming. I had some protein for breakfast already today. It’s quarter to 9 right now and I have been out of bed for 3 hours already. What to do with this blog?

This blog has mostly been about my struggle to quit drinking. I am not going to drink today, for sure. I am sick of the trips to the store for another bottle. I am sick of being a lazy slob. Today I am going to take it easy and get some light exercise and eat right. I had skim milk, eggs, asparagus, and a hot pepper so far today. I might get some beans as well for fiber. I know it’s not important to anyone but myself, but I can and will change for the better.

No more alcohol for this boy. Alcohol is an empty promise of fun that only delivers trouble. I will overcome this shit. I will force myself to get into better shape and leave the last of my bad habits behind me in the dust. No more drugging myself into a coma.

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