Early Morning

It’s cold today. It was 27 F this morning and there was just a little frost on the cars. I had a troubled night of sleep and got out of bed early, at 6 AM. I am not adjusted to regular time yet.

Yesterday was a wasted day. I drank off a pint of cheap whiskey and basically fell asleep at 7 PM. I don’t know why I have to do this shit to myself all the time. Once again today is a day to start over.

The sun is out now and trying to shine through my curtains. I saw the moon this morning, big and bright and round out to the west. I played Skyrim for a while this morning but didn’t do much. It started raining in the game as soon as I got back to Riverwood. I conjured up a hood with the console to keep the rain off my character’s head. I may go back to the game later and chop wood or something.

I have some grocery shopping to get out of the way this morning. Safelight is coming this afternoon to replace the windshield on the car, as it has cracks, but it is supposed to be dry today so I will not have to park the car in the barn.

The holidays are over for a while now, even though it is all soul’s day. I have dinner all fixed and ready to go in the fridge. It is quiet this morning and I have to get some tea going for Dad.

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