Full Moon

I saw the moon rise full and orange tonight. It looks like Mars is just to the southwest of the moon as well. The sky is clear tonight and it is sure to get cold again.

I had a good holiday today. I carved a pumpkin and made pumpkin seeds. I cooked sweet potatoes and pork chops for dinner. I gave Dad a haircut this morning. I made a gallon of homebrew brown sugar ale.

I did some bench presses this evening for exercise. I walked in my room a bit. I cooked up some pinto beans this morning. I think I am going to stay up late tonight and play some Skyrim.

I started a new game in Skyrim this afternoon after ditching 1.3 Gigs of save games. I have to clean out my save games from time to time as they pile up a lot of storage. I also don’t like playing the quests as I am not a fetcher. I have fun and try not to kill things, which I know defeats the purpose of the game as it is really just a mass murder simulator. Oh well.

Anyway, it has been a decent day and I am happy. I didn’t buy alcohol today. I am going to change into my gnome hoodie now and pretend I am living in ancient times. May the Lord and the Lady bless you all this Samhain Eve.

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