Quiet Sunday

I slept 12 hours last night. I didn’t even change out of my day clothes, just curled up in bed and fell asleep with lectures on diet and exercise going on YouTube. I woke up at 3 AM and turned out the lights, then slept in until eight this morning. Dad was already awake when I got out of bed.

I am taking Dad to my brother’s place this afternoon for dinner. I looked up a route to take me there without going on the freeway so we will have a relaxing trip. We leave in about a half hour now, so I am just getting ready.

It looks like I have gotten through another day without drinking beer. I thought about it this morning but was more upset by the prospect of drinking than I was about staying sober. The first days are the hardest, so in a couple days the urge will pass. At least I have something to do today that doesn’t involve just hanging out in this room doing nothing.

It’s cold again today and cloudy. I know you don’t need a weather report, but I just thought it was important to me to note the passing season. I might not have any more friends, but I have some family left. The world may be dark and cold, but I have a home here and enough food to keep me going. Later people.

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