I had a decent day today. I went to my brother’s house with Dad this afternoon and he put on a good turkey dinner for us. I took the surface roads so I didn’t have to fight traffic on the freeway. We had a good time and ate a lot and we got to visit with the family for a while.

I managed to stay away from alcohol for another day. Tomorrow I have to go to Kroger and restock on a lot of food. I spent time tonight learning about healthier diets, and think I need to up my protein and limit my fats. I had some eggs tonight but think I am going to go easy on them because of all the fat and cholesterol they contain.

The house is quiet tonight. I am on the little Chromebit computer in the hallway office area. My main computer is resting tonight. I am getting ready to turn out the lights and put on some Gregorian Chant and drift off to sleep. Hopefully I can get up earlier tomorrow than I did this morning because I value the time I have awake in the morning. Right now I am tired and just want to lay down and sleep. Take care people.

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