Life Goes On

I’m feeling pretty lousy about myself today because of my weakness for drinking. Still, it isn’t a total loss if I can learn something from my mistakes this week. Life goes on in spite of our problems. I have some motivational videos going in the background now that are haranguing me to be a better person. Today has been a better day for me as far as my problems are concerned. I did laundry, I cooked some more beans this morning, and it has been cold outside but the sun is shining.

I don’t know where I am going with this blog. I started it back in June or late May and so far I have a limited audience. Nobody wants to hear about my problems anyway. I started this blog to publish my poetry, but the poem well dried up. Now it is just a drinking problem blog from the looks of things. I have to do something about making my life better, and kicking the beer to the curb is just the first problem I have to solve. So far today I am not even tempted to buy more beer. So far so good. Life goes on.

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