Rainy Morning

It is wet this Sunday morning. I woke up at seven today after about eight hours sleep. It’s 20 to nine now and Dad is getting ready to go to church. I have some black beans simmering on the stove for my lunch and dinner. I have some beef to make stew for Dad in the slow cooker.

This is the fifth day for me now without alcohol. I am not inclined to even go to the store, let alone buy any booze. I think today I am going to stay at home and just thank God I am still alive. I had some fairly strange dreams last night, but that is normal for me. So far today all I have had was a couple cups of tea and a jalapeno pepper blended up with some water.

I think this morning I need to do some walking and get out my dumbbell and do some exercise. The last day has been fairly lazy. Yesterday I drove Dad to my sister’s house 45 miles away and we had a birthday party for him. I took the scenic route and stayed off the freeway, which made the driving a lot less annoying. The trees, turning fall colors, were beautiful.

I still don’t know what to do with this blog. Maybe I will write of my adventures in Skyrim, or maybe not. I think right now I need to get another cup of tea and put on a video of something useful and do my room walking and try to be more active than just sitting on my ass typing. Bye for now.

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