A Long Night of Dreams

I ended up sleeping over 13 hours last night. That made up for some of my lack of sleep in the last couple days but when I was asleep I had so many dreams. In one dream I worked in a tech company that turned into a recycling company that made food out of stray cats and rats sewn together and roasted in a coal oven. The rest of my dreams were equally bizarre and useless.

It looks like we got some rain last night or early this morning. The sky is all clouded over and it is dark outside. I turned on my Happy Light just now to get my morning light therapy. I have a cup of tea and am sitting here at my computer. I haven’t heard any news today yet and might just skip out on the whole news scene for a while to try and find some peace of mind.

I have a doctor appointment this afternoon. I don’t like going into Ann Arbor and walking around downtown. Last time it wasn’t so bad, but man, it looks like I might be walking in the rain today. Oh well, at least I have a doctor and some kind of insurance to cover the bills.

It is again day two for me without beer. Hopefully this time I can stick to my guns and keep off the booze. I don’t need that shit turning me into a zombie. I have to get my shit together and do something about my state in life. Poverty may bring me relief from alcoholism, but it is not bringing me freedom. Right now I think I am going to put water on for another cup of tea and see about getting Dad out of bed before the morning is gone.

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