Last night’s rains have passed and the morning sun is beaming. I didn’t sleep well last night, but I got some rest. I went through some of my old things and found some religious articles from my early years as a Catholic. I set out a couple of pictures and got my old medal and chain. I figure God probably doesn’t hate me, so maybe he can help me beat this problem I have with beer.

I got up very early this morning and made some tea. I had a bowl of cold pea soup and a jalapeno smoothie. I gained weight yesterday with all the food I ate. At least last night I had no nightmares. When I couldn’t sleep at 2 AM I took a quick hot shower and got all clean. I listened to some Loreena McKennitt last night to pass the hours in twilight sleep. I think I will spend the day going over some of my old things and try to make some sense out of my life. I am not too happy with myself, but I can change.

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