Day Three

I am not feeling so great this morning. I had a long night of troubling dreams. I had a hard time getting Dad going this morning so he can get to church on time. He is in the shower now taking his time, and he has 40 minutes left to finish up, get dressed, and eat breakfast. The man doesn’t even get going until after noon most days of the week, but the weekends are the hardest.

I haven’t had a beer in three days now. I miss it in a way, but in another way I don’t. I am worried about Dad most days, as he has a lot of problems. I am worried about myself as well because of all of my own problems. I am starting to worry that this Chinese plague will never end as well. Those fuckers spent some time making this virus extra vicious.

It’s time to get Dad moving now so he can get to his services on time. He might not even have time to eat a bowl of cereal if he doesn’t get a move on. I am tired of having to take care of a person who doesn’t seem to plan out his life to do the things he wants to do without me, a crazy old drunk, getting him moving.

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