Another Day Two

Two days now since I had a beer. I’ve got cravings this morning, but I also have some depression. I had bizarre dreams all last night. I’m not feeling too well this morning, but I will make it through the day sober. Too many hard times I have been reliving this morning is all.

I have to take Dad to the doctor this morning to get his flu shot. I can drop him off at the front door and wait for him in the parking lot. He’s having trouble walking these days with his arthritis and I don’t like to see him go too many places alone. I got him up early this morning so he could get ready on time for his appointment.

I’m feeling pretty bad today because I have nobody to talk to. My friend hasn’t said a word to me all week. I guess she lost interest in her old man. Oh well, I will have to just pretend I have friends and play a game or something. This sobriety kinda sucks when you consider all the baggage that comes along with it. It’s world mental health day today, whatever that is.

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